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This page contains photos from Tarpon Springs, Florida, the town I live in.  Seems as though there's always something to photograph here..

sunset beachcouple.JPG

Sunset Beach at, uh, sunset...


This photo won first prize, Wildlife Category, in the 2019 EXPLORE Tarpon Springs Photo Contest.


Outside St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral in downtown Tarpon Springs...

epiphany 1 WITH SIGN.jpg
sponge diver.jpg

A Tarpon Springs sponge diver

table for one WITH SIGN.jpg

Table for one, Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks.

are you copy.jpg WITH SIGN.jpg

Are you? Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks...

Boats in Spring Bayou the day before Epiphany in January.

old church window WITH SIGN.jpg

Old church window, Tarpon Springs...

heron head WITH SIGNB.jpg
blue cross WITH SIGN copy.jpg
boarded window copy.jpg
a sleeping in the reeds with sign.jpg
baby around corner WITH SIGN.jpg
a barstools with sign.jpg
crab traps with sign.jpg
statue with flower WITH SIGN copy.jpg
a morning mist with sign.jpg
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